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A Marriage Story (Part 3)

My counseling appointments were every Tuesday afternoon. I liked and trusted the counselor I was seeing, but did not experience much positive result from these visits. Some weeks I would leave and feel “okay”, but most weeks I would leave … Continue reading

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A Marriage Story (Part 2)

Backing up some to fill in some gaps… It was October, 2011. Our third child decided on Bible college in Chicago. His freshman year started a bit early because he was playing soccer for the school. I hadn’t seen him … Continue reading

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A Marriage Story (Part 1)

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It is something that people have asked me to do. It is a true story of a marriage that went wrong and a God who intervened in the most … Continue reading

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Life Erosion

Unmet or unrealized dreams and expectations result in disappointment. Disappointment, while an inevitable part of life, is difficult to live with. As a child, I envisioned what life as an adult would be like. Perhaps my mind resided in Neverland. … Continue reading

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Heart Ponderings

Many years ago, as part of an educational requirement, I had to memorize the Christmas story from Luke 2. You may recall that it is part of this passage that Linus gets up and recites during A Charlie Brown Christmas: … Continue reading

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Grace Extended

I was blessed today to have not one but two opportunities to sit down and talk with friends. Although we all live in the same town, it had been awhile since I had actually visited with any of them. Some … Continue reading

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If you have read any of my previous posts, you probably are aware that my husband and I are preparing for a move. Moving is not new to us. In fact, this morning as I stalled my getting out of … Continue reading

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One Day at a Time

Yesterday I wrote about one word. Today my mind is occupied with recurring thoughts of panic. It started with a Facebook message in which the sender ended with the sentence, “Only three more months until your grandbaby is due.” Instant … Continue reading

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One Word

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my “one word” should be for 2015. If you aren’t familiar with this concept, in a nutshell it is forsaking the long list of typical new year resolutions and replacing those with a … Continue reading

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