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One of my favorite musical groups is the Gaither Vocal Band. Two years ago, their tour made a stop in Minneapolis. My husband bought tickets for us to attend. These seats were amazing! We were three rows from the stage. … Continue reading

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One thing I Don’t Need to Work For

I am not a huge television fan. I have several shows that I watch religiously. They are mostly reality shows, and many of them are food related. If you were to scroll through the shows I have recorded on our … Continue reading

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Cultural Pressures

I have missed writing on a regular basis. Life has been so busy the last several months that I haven’t had much time to sit down to organize my thoughts. Sometimes I wish I could actually see the processes that … Continue reading

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For the most part, saying goodbye isn’t usually done for a happy occasion. That is not always the case of course. I know many people who gladly say goodbye to the cold, snow, and ice that comes with winter in … Continue reading

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The Name of the LORD

Imagine a few scenarios with me for a little while: Scenario 1. You have recently married the man or woman of your dreams. Your wedding was everything you wanted it to be–elegant yet simple. After a day of vows and … Continue reading

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