Gender Absurdity

This morning I read a blog post from a pastor friend. I will include the link to it at the bottom of my post so you may go and read it if you desire. He reiterated what I have been saying all along about homosexuality. One particular paragraph caught my attention. It reads:

“The Bible warns us that when we flaunt sin, we are in danger of the wrath of God.  If you read through the book of Leviticus, sexual sins were among those most abhorrent to God – and the penalty was always death.  Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed – why? because of their sexual perversity, including homosexuality.  The tribe of Benjamin was nearly destroyed – why? because of their sexual perversity, including homosexuality.  Perhaps it is time that we begin to teach our young boys what it means to be a man and to teach our young girls what it means to be a woman.  We have become a culture that has emasculated men causing men to be confused as to what it means to be a man.  It is time we stop and rediscover what the Bible says about the roles of men and women.  God created them to complement each other, not to conquer one another, or to become confused with each other.  It is time to wake up before it is too late.”

This wasn’t the first time this same thought has gone through my head. Boys are no longer taught to be men–for the most part. Of course there are exceptions. Thank God for those families who still hold to traditional values and truths. But, as more and more are buying into the lie that gender does not really exist and that if you were born a male but feel more like a female, well…that is okay. You just decide whatever feels right to you. Seems to me there is a lot of self-centeredness there. Well, I feel that I deserve to have more money than my neighbor so it is okay if I go and steal to make sure that happens. Or, I feel that love shouldn’t be regulated to an act between humans only. I am attracted to my neighbor’s horse, so since I feel that way, I should be able to gratify my feelings. Again, people, and increasingly churches, are completely blinded by Satan. Even as they proclaim themselves to be Christians, they are carrying out the deeds of Satan…if not themselves participating in these evil acts then by encouraging those who do by saying that it is okay in the eyes of God.

It is NOT okay in the eyes of God.

What happened to teaching children the correct differences between males and females? When did it become okay for a dad to allow his son to act more like a female than a male? What happened to moms teaching their daughters how to be a wife, a mom, a help mate to their future husbands? This isn’t about women in the work force, although I believe the slide down the slippery immorality slope had its start, at least somewhat, when women left the home and surrendered the raising of their children to day cares and government run centers. This is about moms and dads, regardless of whether they are at home full time or not, being responsible to teach their sons and daughters how to be men and women of moral character.

I used to listen to country music on a regular basis. (I don’t anymore for various reasons, the top one being that some of the lyrics had a detrimental affect on my thought life) One song I used to like was by Brad Paisley. The song was titled, I’m Still a Guy. In it he highlighted the differences between how he views something as opposed to his female companion. For example, he sang,

“When you see a deer you see Bambi, and I see antlers up on a wall.
When you see a lake you see picnics and I see a large mouth up under that log.”

Men and women were created differently–physically and emotionally. Somewhere along the way, it became taboo to teach young boys what it means to be a man. Somewhere along the way it became acceptable to tell young boys that it’s okay to not like girls and instead to like other guys, and, it’s even okay to “marry” those other guys…and I use the quotations marks because regardless of what man says, the definition of marriage in GOD’S eyes is one MAN and one WOMAN.

This country is destined for judgment for many reasons. Homosexuality and its encouragement and acceptance is just one of them. As my friend says in his post, it is time to wake up–arise from your slumber and open up your eyes to the immorality that is rampant all around us. And once your eyes are open to it, stand against it and stand for Christ!

(If you want to read Max’s post, it can be found here:


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