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I’m reblogging a recent post of a friend of mine. I’m sure many have seen the potential implications for Christian colleges if they refuse to admit gays. I have to wonder–if there were a college strictly for gays and a Christian couple wanted to enroll there, would they be allowed to?
The answer is obviously, NO.
Another question: Why would a Christian couple want to enroll in a college where no one believed the same thing they did?
The answer: They wouldn’t.
That’s an important difference. It seems that those who are in favor of gay marriage purposely seek out Christians to do some type of service knowing they must refuse based on religious convictions and then they can cry “Unfair” and sue. Tolerance is NOT a two way street in this country. If you agree with me then great–you are being very tolerant of me. If you disagree with me, then you are being very intolerant and not Christian–yet, aren’t those who claim this just as intolerant for not tolerating my views?

Gosh. Debating with liberals is like trying to have a logical argument with a 3 year old.

Anyway, you can find my friend’s entry here:

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