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Identity Crisis

The dictionary defines the word crisis as “a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger; a time when a difficult or important decision must be made”. Most everyone, at some point in their life, will face some sort of crisis. … Continue reading

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SCOTUS laughs at God

This morning, in a decision that most likely surprised no one, the Supreme Court of the United States spit in the face of God and gave the LGBT movement a victory by declaring gay marriage to be legal in all … Continue reading

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An Unraveling

The other day I was doing laundry. As I transferred the now dry clothes from the dryer to the empty laundry basket in order to fold them, one of the socks had a thread dangling from the top of it. … Continue reading

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The Eagle’s Nest

Enjoying the Word of God is fairly new to me. Although I am familiar with its stories, it is only within the last few months that I have found myself longing to spend time in it. With the exception of … Continue reading

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Grandma Prays

I read a quote the other day on Pinterest that really caught my attention. It said: “Grandma’s prayers are the reason a lot of us are still here.” (No author credit was given) Almost twelve weeks ago, I entered into … Continue reading

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Cut the Lawn, Shovel the Snow

This picture is something I used to look at when, as a child, Wheaties was my favorite breakfast cereal. I always read the box as I ate. I was a kid who loved and looked forward to the Olympics. While … Continue reading

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