The Lies of Planned Parenthood


Today I got to watch my little grandson for a few hours so his mommy could go out. I love him so much! Of course, you would think it strange if I said otherwise. How could I not love this precious little boy born to my “little girl”? I can’t get enough of his toothless smiles, his funny faces, his chubby cheeks, and his soft coos. Today, when his mommy dropped him off, he was wide eyed and full of smiles. She told me that he had not taken a morning nap yet, meaning he had been awake at that point nearly five hours. His mommy left and I placed him under the new play gym we bought for him to enjoy at Grammy and Grampa’s house. He reached for the fishy and tried to get it to his mouth. He kicked at the purple octopus that hung near his feet. He turned his head to see if the television was on. As much as his mommy doesn’t want him watching television, he sure loves to look at it when he comes to visit Grammy!  After playing for a half hour or so, the fussies started. Grammy swooped him up and moved to the rocking chair to feed him a bottle. As expected, not more than an ounce into his bottle, he was sound asleep. I sat and held the sleeping angel and couldn’t help but think about the recent news release regarding Planned Parenthood.

If you have been on social media or have watched the news in the last few days, you’ve surely heard the news that Planned Parenthood, the organization responsible not so much for planning pregnancies but rather killing babies via abortions, was caught admitting the fact that they sell body parts from the babies they aborted. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of abortion, if you have any compassion at all, you had to be disgusted at that revelation.

I have never tried to hide the fact that I am a Christian. I believe that life-ALL life–is ordained by God. Psalm 139 tells us that God knew us before we were born, that he planned each life, and that each of us is made in the image of God. Holding those beliefs means that I am adamant that abortion is murder. I have heard the argument that a woman has the right to choose what is done to her body. Where do the rights of the baby conceived out of irresponsibility (usually) come in? Who speaks for the tiny human being formed in the womb of his mommy? Who will stand up for that baby before someone decides he or she is not a baby but an inconvenience and ruthlessly tears him or her from what is supposed to be the safest place? These are all questions that Christians have wrestled with in the battle against the slaughter of millions of tiny human lives.

But with this week’s news report admitting the sale of body parts of these “fetuses” (as Planned Parenthood refers to them) a new question has to be acknowledged:

If Planned Parenthood does not believe that what they do is murder babies, real, tiny human beings, then how can they sell the body parts and market them as baby body parts on the black market? In other words, according to Planned Parenthood officials, the abortions they perform are not killing babies but ridding mothers of unwanted cell blobs that haven’t quite made it to baby stage yet. How does that definition change, then, when they approach the black market and advertise baby body parts? Did the blob of cells miraculously become a baby somehow when the money for their tiny organs suddenly became worth more money? Do the women who pay for the destruction of their babies realize that not only did Planned Parenthood make money off of them in terms of the procedure, but they also plan to sell the organs from the babies they paid to have removed? They do now if they didn’t suspect it before.

Christians need to be all over this news report. They need to take this opportunity to show the American people that abortion is NOT just removing cells. It is killing a human life–a crime that would earn jail time if performed a mere ten months later. The church needs to stand up and let it be known that children are not an inconvenience. Children are a gift from God, regardless of whether they are “planned” or not. The mom and/or dad may not have planned their child, but God did. God knew the baby He was gifting to that mommy and daddy. He had plans for that child. He was forming that baby in secret places and preparing him or her to enter the world under the care of the chosen parents. God does not see any child as an inconvenience that can be done away with by a procedure in a medical office.

Somewhere along the way in America, people got the idea that personal desire and convenience trumps responsibility and morals. I know women who were married and had children and decided, upon becoming pregnant again, they did not want this additional child and opted for an abortion instead. Personally, I don’t see how any woman who has carried a child and given birth could go through with the murder of her baby. When my first baby was born, I was in awe of how perfectly human this tiny little baby was. While pregnant with him, I cherished the kicks and tumbles I felt inside my womb. There was no doubt, even with the sonogram pictures of twenty-five years ago, that what was inside of me was more than just a blob of cells. He was a tiny human with fingers and toes and a beating heart. Could my husband and I give him all the finer things in life? No. Did we sacrifice so I could stay home with him? Yes. And I don’t regret one single minute of the days, the years, I spent at home with this baby and his subsequent siblings. And I get to enjoy babyhood even more now as I gaze upon my beautiful grandson as he sleeps safely in his Grammy’s arms.

I believe that God sees the slaughter of His precious children that takes place every day–every minute–in clinics and medical offices all across this country. I believe He knows and keeps track of all those innocent lives and that He holds them safely and lovingly in the palm of His hand. I believe He is aware of leaders and officials who grant the right to women to kill their babies. I also believe that judgment will come for the slaughtering of these precious lives. Until that day, I pray regularly that America will wake up and see what exactly is happening behind the doors of Planned Parenthood, and that Christians and churches across the nations will be more outspoken about the horrors of Planned Parenthood and abortion itself.

About becmom45

Wife of one, mom of four, mom-in-law to two, grammy to one precious little boy; lover of snow, autumn, pumpkins, cats, books, baking, Charles Wysocki puzzles, Christmas; honest, raw author who hopes what is written here enlightens and educates those fortunate enough to not understand the demons chronicled.
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