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Thanksgiving 2015 is now part of my history. I love Thanksgiving Day. In fact, I would have to say it is tied for my favorite day of the year (the other being Christmas Eve). There’s always been something about Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Parenting: Not for the Faint of Heart

Parenting is hard. If you are a parent then you understand that statement. If you are not a parent, like I was not at one time, you may think you understand that statement but the reality is, it is impossible … Continue reading

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Breaking Addiction

I am all too familiar with addiction. I have not tried to hide the fact that this is an area in which I struggle. Twenty years ago I was addicted to alcohol. I would usually have my first drink by … Continue reading

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The Preschool Years

I remember having preschool age kids. I consider this to be between ages three and five. There are a few hallmarks of the preschool age. One of them is busyness. Oh my! These guys were busy little bees! They loved, … Continue reading

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I am tired of depression. Tired of the grip it has on me. I am tired of the tears it brings. Every. Day. At least lately that has been the case. I am tired of waking up and wondering why … Continue reading

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