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Agonizing Bones

Yesterday I made the trek out to the mailbox. We live in a townhome community, so all the mailboxes are in groups that line the street. It isn’t a long walk for me, but it is one I seldom make … Continue reading

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Reflections of an Old Person

I am unfortunate enough to live in a place that was built in the 1980’s and has had little to no renovations done to it. For me, that means one entire wall of the dining room is mirrored. It also … Continue reading

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This morning I sat at our dining room table enjoying a time of quietness that is so rare lately in my mornings. I am usually busy completing morning tasks before heading out the door for work. This morning I didn’t … Continue reading

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Sheep in the Desert

This morning my mind is mulling over two things. Sheep and deserts. A little while ago, on the recommendation of a coworker, I bought the devotional book Earth Psalms by Francine Rivers. Yes, the same Francine Rivers who has written … Continue reading

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Courtesy of Pain

I read a quote this morning that really hit home with me. Part of it reads: “A drop of water on a stone doesn’t do much, but a constant drip eventually erodes and changes the shape of the stone forever. … Continue reading

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Not a Good Place

This morning I sit here in the quietness of an empty house. The only sound other than the clicking of the keyboard as I type is the hum of the space heater that is keeping me warm. My two faithful … Continue reading

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The Writing of Me

I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed early one┬ámorning when I saw an article titled, “God Wrote Every Chapter of Your Story”. I did not read the article, for the title alone sent the wheels of thoughts in my head spinning … Continue reading

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The Long, Winding, Unpredictable Road

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that life is a journey. None of us asked to be here. None of us had the choice of whether or not we would be born. I’m not speaking theologically here, although there is … Continue reading

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“I wish I understood things better than I do. I wish I had made better choices in so┬ámany areas. I wish my dad was still around to talk to. I wish I could re-live my kids’ childhood. I wish I … Continue reading

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Fear Knocks Loudly

I have a beautiful grandson. He brings sunshine to the darkest days. When I go to my daughter’s home to visit or pick them up to go somewhere, he squeals loudly when he sees me walk in the door. He … Continue reading

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