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The Forks Are Out To Get Me

Perhaps you read the above title and thought this was going to be about food. I could SO easily go in that direction right now! I will not, though, and instead, I will save that topic and revisit it soon. … Continue reading

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True Friends

I’ve read that hard times show who your true friends really are. Having never had an extensive list of people I could call friends, I wasn’t sure if that saying would play out as truth or not. Four years ago, … Continue reading

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Preparation Impossible

Many years ago, more than I care to add, my then boyfriend asked this shy eighteen year old to be his wife. Having grown up convinced that no one would ever want to marry me, I was beyond excited to … Continue reading

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What God Can Do

Yesterday I spent a short time at the home of a friend. I realize to those who may be reading this that probably isn’t a big deal. Most people spend time with friends once in a while and don’t feel … Continue reading

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A Story to Tell

All of us have a story. Regardless of where we were born, the dynamics of our family, whether we were rich, poor, or somewhere in between, we all have a history that begins exactly the same. “I was born on_______, … Continue reading

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Breaking Addiction

I am all too familiar with addiction. I have not tried to hide the fact that this is an area in which I struggle. Twenty years ago I was addicted to alcohol. I would usually have my first drink by … Continue reading

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What I Need to Remember

Sometimes I forget. I forget that not everyone understands the way I think. That could be a good thing though. I forget that not everyone knows the difficulty that comes with living with multiple health issues. I forget that there are … Continue reading

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Identity Thief

While watching some television last week, I saw a few commercials that dealt with an ever increasing problem in this age of technology—identity theft. One of the commercials was an advertisement for a company that offered monthly monitoring of your … Continue reading

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One thing I Don’t Need to Work For

I am not a huge television fan. I have several shows that I watch religiously. They are mostly reality shows, and many of them are food related. If you were to scroll through the shows I have recorded on our … Continue reading

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