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Hitting the Jackpot

I struggle daily with love for things of this world. The current Powerball jackpot is over one billion dollars. Billion! I have played scenario after scenario in my head of what I would do with all that money. I’ve rationalized … Continue reading

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A Turn of the Page

December 31, 2015…when I turn the calendar page at the end of today, the calendar will be outdated. Twelve page turns over the last year has brought me, once again, to the end of another calendar. That doesn’t seem like … Continue reading

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Identity Thief

While watching some television last week, I saw a few commercials that dealt with an ever increasing problem in this age of technology—identity theft. One of the commercials was an advertisement for a company that offered monthly monitoring of your … Continue reading

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Identity Crisis

Four years ago, I started to experience a huge identity crisis. You see, four years ago, child #3 was two weeks away from graduating high school. Child #1 had graduated three years prior. Child #2 had graduated two years prior … Continue reading

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Pity Party RSVP

When one lives with a chronic illness, day to day life changes. The predictable becomes the unpredictable. Little things suddenly seem like big things. Activities that once were done with little to no thought now prove to be often difficult … Continue reading

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Underneath it All

This morning I was scheduled to be in the city near where our church meets. For me, that is about a thirty minute drive. As I opened the curtains upon getting out of bed, I saw a few snow flurries … Continue reading

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