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On Motherhood

Being a mom isn’t like anything I thought it would be. When, as a young girl, I dreamed of motherhood, I pictured a smiling mommy, tirelessly playing with her children, reading to them, teaching them, patiently answering their questions, and … Continue reading

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There is a┬ámonster that resides within my head much of the time. The monster’s name is Depression. Sometimes, I am able to wrestle the monster and lock it away for a time. Sometimes that duration is long; other times that … Continue reading

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What God Can Do

Yesterday I spent a short time at the home of a friend. I realize to those who may be reading this that probably isn’t a big deal. Most people spend time with friends once in a while and don’t feel … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2015 is now part of my history. I love Thanksgiving Day. In fact, I would have to say it is tied for my favorite day of the year (the other being Christmas Eve). There’s always been something about Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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One thing I Don’t Need to Work For

I am not a huge television fan. I have several shows that I watch religiously. They are mostly reality shows, and many of them are food related. If you were to scroll through the shows I have recorded on our … Continue reading

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