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Thanksgiving 2015 is now part of my history. I love Thanksgiving Day. In fact, I would have to say it is tied for my favorite day of the year (the other being Christmas Eve). There’s always been something about Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Breaking Addiction

I am all too familiar with addiction. I have not tried to hide the fact that this is an area in which I struggle. Twenty years ago I was addicted to alcohol. I would usually have my first drink by … Continue reading

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I don’t often write about books I’ve read or movies I’ve watched–I actually don’t watch many movies. I have a hard time sitting still that long. That said, if I am writing about something I read or watched, you can … Continue reading

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Grandma Prays

I read a quote the other day on Pinterest that really caught my attention. It said: “Grandma’s prayers are the reason a lot of us are still here.” (No author credit was given) Almost twelve weeks ago, I entered into … Continue reading

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The Good or Bad Shoulder?

I was thinking about old cartoons I used to watch as a kid. Often, the main character would face a dilemma–a choice he or she needed to make. With a poof of smoke, on one shoulder would appear a little … Continue reading

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Identity Crisis

Four years ago, I started to experience a huge identity crisis. You see, four years ago, child #3 was two weeks away from graduating high school. Child #1 had graduated three years prior. Child #2 had graduated two years prior … Continue reading

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Empty Spaces

Lately I have had some fairly difficult rounds with my own thoughts. I’ve always been a thinker. I wonder if that is true of the majority of introverted people? Even as a kid, I would often spend time alone sitting … Continue reading

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Wall of Blocks

Perhaps you can relate to the following scenario: A teacher instructs you to write a paper. She simply wants to evaluate how well you can develop ideas as well as gauge where you stand in terms of conventions including spelling, punctuation, … Continue reading

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The Name of the LORD

Imagine a few scenarios with me for a little while: Scenario 1. You have recently married the man or woman of your dreams. Your wedding was everything you wanted it to be–elegant yet simple. After a day of vows and … Continue reading

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Starting Over

The neighborhood I grew up in was filled with kids. There was seldom a lack of playmates within a five house radius. Back then, kids didn’t have Iphones or Androids, Xboxes or Playstations, or even two hundred television channels to … Continue reading

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