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Thanksgiving 2015 is now part of my history. I love Thanksgiving Day. In fact, I would have to say it is tied for my favorite day of the year (the other being Christmas Eve). There’s always been something about Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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I am tired of depression. Tired of the grip it has on me. I am tired of the tears it brings. Every. Day. At least lately that has been the case. I am tired of waking up and wondering why … Continue reading

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What I Need to Remember

Sometimes I forget. I forget that not everyone understands the way I think. That could be a good thing though. I forget that not everyone knows the difficulty that comes with living with multiple health issues. I forget that there are … Continue reading

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A Formidable Opponent

If you know me at all, you are most likely aware that I deal daily with the effects of a chronic illness. Some days are better than others, but all days provide a reminder that I am not the healthy … Continue reading

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Measuring Sticks

I just returned from an amazing vacation with my husband. After forty years of waiting, I finally got to see the ocean AND go to Disney World. The ocean was more than I even imagined it to be. The sand … Continue reading

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I have missed blogging. I haven’t been away because of busyness. One thing about having an empty nest–I have so much more free time than I ever thought possible. No, it hasn’t been the busyness of parenting or homeschooling that … Continue reading

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Dwelling with God

I’ve noticed in my Bible reading lately the word “dwell” keeps appearing. This word appears over four hundred times in Scripture. This morning I decided to do a short word study to see what ways this word can be applied … Continue reading

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Break my Heart For What Breaks Yours

The title of this entry is a line from a song we often sing in our church worship time. The song is sung by Hillsong United and is titled Hosanna. The entire stanza goes like this: “Heal my heart and … Continue reading

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I remember when cable TV first came to the island community where I grew up. Yes, I actually grew up on an island. Pull up Google Maps and look for Grand Island, NY, and you will see a pork chop … Continue reading

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Identity Thief

While watching some television last week, I saw a few commercials that dealt with an ever increasing problem in this age of technology—identity theft. One of the commercials was an advertisement for a company that offered monthly monitoring of your … Continue reading

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