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Measuring Sticks

I just returned from an amazing vacation with my husband. After forty years of waiting, I finally got to see the ocean AND go to Disney World. The ocean was more than I even imagined it to be. The sand … Continue reading

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An Unraveling

The other day I was doing laundry. As I transferred the now dry clothes from the dryer to the empty laundry basket in order to fold them, one of the socks had a thread dangling from the top of it. … Continue reading

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Identity Crisis

Four years ago, I started to experience a huge identity crisis. You see, four years ago, child #3 was two weeks away from graduating high school. Child #1 had graduated three years prior. Child #2 had graduated two years prior … Continue reading

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Hand Over the Keys

Lately I have found myself fairly unhappy. I could list many factors that have contributed to these feelings of unhappiness. In fact, I have written about some of them recently. That’s not my intent for this piece of writing, though. … Continue reading

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Some Days

Have you ever wished you had been created without emotion? For me, the answer to that question is a resounding, “YES!” Couple a chronic illness that results in extreme fatigue with an ongoing battle against depression, and you have the recipe … Continue reading

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Heart Ponderings

Many years ago, as part of an educational requirement, I had to memorize the Christmas story from Luke 2. You may recall that it is part of this passage that Linus gets up and recites during A Charlie Brown Christmas: … Continue reading

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(Merry) Christmas

Tonight I sit alone in the quietness of our living room. My husband, exhausted from being out quite late last night, is already sound asleep. The two kids and future daughter-in-law are all downstairs. The TV is off. The tree … Continue reading

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While looking for a greeting card the other day, I came across a pile of old photographs. They were all taken at some point in the 1990’s and each showed one or more of our kids. All five of our … Continue reading

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Care and Concern

Have you ever experienced an act of genuine care toward you by others? To take that question one step deeper was the genuine care and concern from someone who really didn’t know you all that well? After all, it is … Continue reading

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A Place of Discouragement

Today, I write from a place of discouragement. I think it’s best to be up front with where my emotions are since they are obviously present in my words anyway. In addition to that, I told myself when I began … Continue reading

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